Photographing music: Bach’s Cello Suites

In January we held a photoshoot at our new London home, the Barbican Centre. Before we started the group shots, principal cellist Joseph Crouch sat down to play some solo Bach.

We wish we could bring you the audio. But we think this picture speaks volumes about the quiet passion of Bach’s Suites, and the craftsmanship of Joe’s playing.

AAM principal cellist, Joseph Crouch


  1. Oh, I’m glad to discover that the AAM has a blog, I admire the ensemble since I was a child, I would like to see it live. I’m very happy that Mr. Hogwood will conduct next Sunday the Tölz boys choir in Graffenek. I leave you my blog dedicated to this choir. How wonderful, Hogwood and Schmidt-Gaden together! A great homage to Mozart. With boys soloists too? Best wishes and the very best for all of you, and happy birthday, Mr. Hogwood!

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