JS Bach’s sons with Steven Isserlis – Munich, 23 January 2011

Hello from Bojan Cicic, a violinist with the AAM for this project. We are currently well on our way to Munich, bathed in glorious sunshine at 29,000 feet. Looking out of the window one can see just how busy traveling across Europe gets on Sundays these days, following the trail marks of numerous planes passing underneath. If anyone out there wants to share the (im)probability number of getting these two silver birds too close at some point, please let me know after we’ve landed back in London.  If only Douglas Adams was here, he’d come up with the answer to everything, but I guess, we already know would that number would be…


I’m really looking forward to this tour, mostly to hear two different ways AAM will be performing similar music in one evening.  Our soloist Steven Isserlis wanted a slightly different approach towards his C.P E Bach Concerto than the one we have in, if I may say, our everyday job.  The norm these days in a period-instrument orchestra would be sudden changes and shifts in dynamics and affects (the accent here being on sudden), but with Steven we’ve found ourselves on a slightly different, more subtle ground; he wanted broader phrases and larger shapes, constantly intertwining and leading from one to another, especially in the slow movement of his Concerto.  This was a challenge for us and I hope we got it, so keep your ears out for those changes in our concerts in Cambridge and London.


Speaking of which, I can’t wait to perform this program back in the UK with full houses, the public going mad at the concerts…  It would be quite something to achieve that response here in Munich’s Herkulessaal, but we’ll see. I guess pre-classical repertoire isn’t your typical evening out with the Classic FM Cd of the month selection.  One remarkable thing happened on tonight’s concert: realizing how easy it is to loose our footing in this music. Only a few bars before the finishing line of the last piece in the programme, we lost our head. It is weird when it happens, but really funny afterwards, if only for the unspoken rule of buying a round of drinks by the perpetrator.  Of course, this role will be given to someone else during the course of the evening and, … you get the point.  I’m off to the bar.

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