Thunderous Conclusion to Multi-City Tour (3 October)

Hello! Cassandra here again, with an update on last Sunday’s concert in Tetbury.

I was thinking of the orchestra’s early return to London as I spent our free days wandering the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. This is not a personal travel blog, so I’ll spare you the tedious details, but I was extremely proud that I managed to take two of the Great Railway Journeys of the World in one day. (Inverness – Kyle of Lochalsh, bus/ferry over Skye, Mallaig – Fort William.) Truly a stunning part of the world.

We reconvened in Tetbury on Sunday afternoon for a brush-up rehearsal before the 5 PM concert. Public transportation options to this small market town are not rife, particularly on a Sunday, so everyone carpooled from home. The church in Tetbury is a lovely venue, small and narrow but with a wooden balcony along both sides. AAM is a regular participant in their annual music festival and it’s always a delight to play there. We did an efficient and brief run-through of most of the music and were finished well in time to take tea and sandwiches (and cake, don’t forget the cake) at our hosts’ lovely home near the church. It was also very nice to have real bedrooms to change in, rather than perching on one foot in the tiny sacristy filled with 18 colleagues also perching and balancing.

An early show is always nice when you know you have a long way to travel home, particularly when there’s a Tube strike on. The concert went extremely well and, after the dry acoustic in Inverness, it was a real joy to play in such a warm, welcoming acoustic. Our soloists all outdid themselves, but the real highlight, in my opinion, was Richard’s d minor concerto. We hummed it all the way back to London.

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