AAM in France – Day 4, Travel Day, Lessay to Puy-en-Velay

Friday was a day of travel. Two hour bus from Lessay to Rennes. Four hour train to Lyon. Two hour bus to Puy-en-Velay. Great dinner. Bed. One of those not-so-glamourous tour days which, nonetheless, are still quite enjoyable if you like your colleagues. The journey was, in fact, very beautiful and turned quite dramatic after we left Lyon. The mountains are rounded domes and surrounded by green farmland and thick forest.

Because there was not so much exciting activity to recount over the course of the day, I thought I would fill this post with photos of musicians on tour. Enjoy.

Judith, our orchestral rep

Al listening carefully

Rudy working hard

Bill preparing for his big moments

Rachel with her daughter, the charming Sarah

Tour managers on tour!

Choir boys on a train

Beautiful drive from Lyon

Lentilles de Puy after a long day

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